Raman Microscopy

Simple and fast measurements of the static pressure in a sample placed between the sapphire and diamond anvils in the high pressure camera using the method of laser optical luminescent spectroscopy.



Confotec CARS is a multifunctional multichannel 3D scanning laser microscope-spectrometer, combining in one system:

  • CARS scanning microscope
  • Raman/luminescent scanning confocal microscope
  • conventional scanning confocal laser microscope

Notable for its high resolution and high-speed scanning, the system allows of performing real time noninvasive analysis of biological samples (cells and components of living cells) with high spatial resolution.

Confotec MR200 is a compact and price-effective Raman microscope for routine measurements and scientific research. The true confocal optical layout with a set of automatically switchable confocal diaphragms (pinholes) allows conducting a spectral analysis of microparticles or Raman imaging of macro-objects with high spatial resolution.

Confotec MR350 and Confotec MR520 are reliable and compact Raman microscopes-spectrometers.

Wide capabilities, high reliability and compactness of the systems enable them to be used for solving various tasks in research and industry.

Confotec NR500 is a high-precision, fully automated 3D laser scanning confocal Raman microscope with a spectrometer, designed for rapid non-destructive analysis of the physical and chemical properties of micro-objects and nanostructures, and for obtaining information on the substance by means of optical spectroscopy.