Una sorgente di ioni Argon e Ossigeno a 5 KeV per applicazioni di analisi superficiale in UHV

Sorgente di ioni primari per analisi SIMS/SNMS e per la mappatura delle specie elettropositive

The IG20 features a high brightness electron impact gas ion source which is designed specifically for oxygen capability but is also suitable for use with inert and other gases.


The IG20 is designed as primary ion beam for SIMS, Auger and XPS applications for imaging and depth profiling, however, the internally generated raster scan and wide range of operating parameters make it suitable for sample cleaning and surface science experiments. Twin user switchable filaments ensure continued operation in the case of a blown filament – which may be replaced at the user’s convenience.


  • Intense ion beam with 100 µm spot size and energies from 0.5 – 5 keV
  • High current density, up to 4.5 mA/cm2
  • Electron impact ion source with Argon and Oxygen capability
  • Steering optics for line scattering and beam rastering in depth profiling
  • 3° offset in the ion gun column for optimum rejection of neutrals
  • Beam blanking facility for rapid beam switching in rastering applications
  • Source differential pumping for reduced chamber gas load
  • Easily replaceable twin filament assembly
  • Sweep rates down to 64 µs
  • Integrated operation with SIM and EQS probes for direct raster rate / area control


Primary ion

Oxygen, Argon, Xenon

Ion energy

0.5 to 5 KeV

Minimum spot size (elemental mapping)

50 micrometers

Minimum spot size (depth profiling)

100 micrometers

Deflection field for mapping

+/- 4 millimeters

Ion beam current

1.0 to 800 nanoamperes

Typical fast etch rate- Si (5 KeV Ar 600nA)

50 nanometers per second, 450um X 650um crater