Punte conduttive per non contatto ricoperte di diamante della serie DCP20, frequenza di risonanza 260-630kHz, costante di forza 28-91N/m.


Coating Specification:

  • Thickness of diamond coating is about 100 nm.
  • Diamond coating is doped with nitrogen.
  • Film resistivity: 0,5-1 Ohm*cm.
  • Tip curvature radius after coating is about 100 nm.
  • Recommended for electrical modes.
  • Specially recommended for Oxidation Nanolithography*.

* We made a special "survival" test - almost 50  LAO Lithography images of Mona Lisa were obtained by using only one tip. It was not destroyed even after such a hard work. After 50 attempts it was still "alive".


LAO Nanolithography was made on Ti film in

Semicontact mode by NSG20 probe with conductive diamond coating.

NTEGRA Aura system. Scan size: 8x8µm.




The thickness of lithography line was measured after the "survival" test.
It is about 22nm.

I/U characteristic made by DCP20 tip on freshly cleaved HOPG
(Highly Oriented Pyrolitic Graphite):



Probe specification


  • Standard chip size: 1.6x3.6x0.4 mm.
  • High cemically stable reflective Au coating (reflective property is 3 times better in comparison with uncoated cantilevers).
  • Typical curvature radius of a tip: 100 nm.
  • Tip height: 10 - 15 µm.
  • Each chip has one TRIANGULAR spring.
  • Compatible with the most commercial SPM devices.
  • Silicon is doped by boron with the concentration about 5x1020 cm-3 to avoid electrostatic charges.
  • Packaged in GelPak® boxes.


GelPak® is a registered trade mark of Vichem Corporation.




Specification for DCP20 series


Chip thickness 0.4mm
Reflective side Au
Spring number 1
Aspect ratio 3:1
Cone angle j <=22°
Curvature radius of a tip typical 100 nm




Available Cantilever series Cantilever length, L±5µm Cantilever width, W±3µm Cantilever thickness, µm Resonant frequency, kHz Force constant, N/m
min typical max min typical max min typical max
DCP20 90 60 1.7 2.0 2.3 260 420 630 28 48 91