System Concept

The HEX series is a compact and highly flexible range  of deposition systems which allow the user complete freedom to reconfigure the equipment to suit their current experimental needs or for a future change of direction. The system can be purchased at the most basic level and later upgraded to a sophisticated deposition and analysis tool as funds allow. All upgrades are designed to be simple for users to implement, cutting down on unnecessary installation ThinFilm1expense.

The HEX has been developed with student training in mind. Its modular construction allows various key elements to be exposed, discussed and interacted with, enabling student laboratories to fully explore the mechanical, material and growth elements of thin film research and nanomaterials.

The HEX’s ability to be quickly reconfigured at low additional expense allows it to provide easy training on a reproducible and recognizable platform for various deposition/coating techniques ranging from sample preparation for surface analysis to e-beam, sputtering, thermal, organics (for OLED research) and a range of other thin film deposition techniques.

Some of the typical applications for the HEX thin film deposition system are lift off, EM sample preparation, contact metallisation, research and development of new coatings and sputter deposition, however the modular design of the system allow it to be reconfigured in minutes and ensure that it can be used for many more applications, please contact us for further information.


Modular Design

The HEX system’s vacuum chamber consists of a six faceted aluminium frame, which makes the system lightweight,  while at the same time providing a rigid structure. The frame supports 6 interchangeable panels, which can be easily swapped around to achieve the desired system configuration. Adding or moving the deposition instruments where necessary.ThinFilm2

Due to the unique flange design the side panels may serve as either a chamber wall (blank panel), viewport panel, deposition source panel, PLD instrument panel  or QCM panel (more options are available u

The modular nature of the HEX Series’ design mean that the panels can be mounted onto the frame in a matter of minutes, all water and gas connections are Hamlet quick connects and both sample stage and components are attached using  wing nuts, all of which saves a considerable amount of time when performing maintenance procedures and reconfiguring the system.pon request).


The base HEX model comes with an 80 l/s turbo pump and diaphragm backing enabling an ultimate base pressure of 8 x 10-7mbar and can be upgraded to a 300l/s pump achieving a base vacuum of 4 x 10-7mbar. The standard HEX system allows for samples of up to 100mm (4″), with a multi sample holder included in order for many smaller samples to be mounted at one time, the larger HEX-L chamber will accommodate samples up to 150mm (6″) and is equipped with a 300l/s turbo pump and dry scroll backing pump.

The HEX series of deposition systems fit perfectly on a lab bench and can also be frame mounted, making them an ideal tool for teaching laboratories, industrial research and development departments and clean rooms. They can also be integrated into a glovebox for research in an inert atmosphere and have a selection of in-situ measurement options available.