About Hiden Analytical

Precision Scientific Instruments for UHV Science, Gas Analysis, Plasma

and Surface Science Applications

At Hiden Analytical for over 35 years our mission has been to provide the highest levels of application support,  customer care and technical capability.  We strive towards the goal of excellence in all areas of our business, excellence that is based on four guiding principles:

  • Technology: By working in partnership with our customers continue to develop, and bring to manufacture, leading edge products which in turn increase our customer's analytical capability and enhance the quality of their products.
  • Product Design: Continually design products with ever increasing standards of technology and quality which extend the technical capability of our customers.
  • People: Encourage all Hiden personnel to grow in customer awareness towards our goal of Total Customer Satisfaction.
  • Continuous Improvement: Achieve measurable continuous improvements in all aspects of our Scientific Instrument business - strive for perfection in product and operation.

For new and existing users in the field our instruments are backed by lifetime support – support that comes from scientists and engineers not only with much experience in their own fields but with many years practical knowledge of the Hiden Analytical product range. Building on our range of core products and in-house technical experience we pride ourselves on the ability to tailor designs and configurations to match the requirements of our clients operating at the leading edge of their own science. As these projects mature and evolve we have the ability to grow with the application too – providing on-going application and technical support to match the ever changing demands of the application.  At the heart of all our operations is a strong focus on quality. Customer driven quality is the foundation and driving force of Hiden Analytical with the goal of Total Quality - a goal that is the focus of our team of sales, applications, development and service engineers & scientists